Hello everyone. Starting today i have decided to not only post my blogs on myspace like before, but to also post them here. A warning before hand. Even though i do not curse, i do make really stupid jokes that may at times push the limit. so i must rate my own blogs pg-15. i hope you enjoy these if you are new. from time to time i will even publish an old classic blog from my earlier myspace ones. blogs that have gone down in history. so without further wait, join the tens of people who already know what the johnny blog sensation is all about…..

Guess what? I’m back! As soon as I stop writing blogs, everyone else and their dog fighting cousins started a blog. While these other blogs that i have seen surely have much better writers (i’ll even link you to one tonight), and they surely have much more talent then i, and they surely take daily showers, and wash themselves, and smell nice, and have the ability to pay attention……what was i talking about? oh yeah. the point. my point is that im back baby.

i know what you’re all asking. johnny, how will this be different from last time? well, it won’t. so in your face. if you don’t like it, then you can just leave. don’t let the door hit you and split the back of your skull open. i might actually try to share personal things as i go along in these new improved blogs. what kind of personal things you ask? well what about my toe “surgeries”? what about the time when i thought i had a girlfriend only to find out it was some homeless guy who just needed a place to crash? or how about how i sometimes feel like im a burden to all those i love and care about around me? wait, wait, that’s to real. sorry, sorry, that won’t ever happen again. cue depression…..wait a minute this will only take a second….ok over it. now on to the blog!

it occured to me from one of my best friends trevor that a movie based on the bratz dolls had been made. now, while it was sad that he knew this, it was also interesting that such a movie was even made. i have happened to see these dolls before. i had to buy one for my cousin one christmas…and what a bunch of whores those dolls are. according to experts, these dolls are suppose to represent diversity. which is true. there are white dolls (with baby stroller and wife beater accessories), asian dolls (with school girl outfit and working calculator), african american dolls (come with a free ticket to the maury povich show to find out who the baby’s daddy is) and latino dolls (comes with ricky martin poster and snapping fingers action). these dolls, however, all resemble big giant hoe bags.

while i have no children (that i know of), i think it’s safe to assume that i would want my daughter to grow up to be a great person who happens to dress like they’re worth more then 2 bucks and a pack of marlboro lights. we all sit back and we wonder why these girls are wanting to grow up so fast. just look at what they look up to. all of their “role models” are just immature tarts, from paris “i have no talent” hilton to lindsay “i heart drugs” lohen. and who’s fault is it? it’s ours. we let them watch those girls. we let them buy those bratz dolls. we allow a movie about bratz dolls to be made. we might as well make movies about the titanic disaster and the pearl harbor disaster and ruin them with a poorly put together love story that becomes the focus of the movies instead of the actual events. oh wait………..CURSE YOU HOLLYWOOD!!!!!

i blame those mostly on parents. there are some good parents out there. but while some care about what their children are doing, others allow their kids to be raised by television and bratz dolls. these parents blame everything else but whats to really blame. and whats to really blame is these bratz dolls. i actually took the liberty of recording an actual conversation between two teenage girls, known consumers of bratz dolls, and i shall let you read it. be warned, it will shock you….

girl 1: like, hello
girl 2: hiiiiiiii
1: like, i saw brandon at the mall and i was all LOL
2. For real? OMG!!!!
1. I KNOW OMG!!!
:::unintelligable screaming:::
2: OMG! OMG! he is so like hot. i would totally make him mine if you weren’t my BFF.
1: ROFL!!!!!!

see? i did not understand one word of that. i was SOL in that case. if we allow this terrible bratz doll trend to continue, then it will only breed a mass amount of teenage whores who’s life goals will be to marry a guy that doesn’t beat her. let’s stop this now, while we still can. plus those dolls are more creepy then hot. that is not the real world. ive been to high school. their not full of only hot girls and guys who all are in the same popular circle. and i especially restate the fact that it was not full of only hot girls. it’s really sad when half the girls there were in my league. some i was actually out of. and some didn’t even exist! wait, what’s this blog about again?

well, join me next time blog fans. what will i rant about next? gas prices? the war in iraq? why i think the the lucky charms leprechaun is really a crack dealer who sells “lucky charms”? you’ll just have to tune in to see…….

special note: one of my best friends started a blog, and, unlike myself, he’s insanely talented, i shall link you. don’t expect it to be full of stupidty. tho im sure it might sometimes since he’s been around me his whole life. http://randomthoughtsofascatteredmind.blogspot.com/

also, another friend of mine is also an insanely talented writer and as soon as i have permission, ill share her link too. they both write sort of personal stuff so dont go expecting my stupid stupidness, but go expecting actual writing ability and/ or talent. they both write in a way that will make you actually sit back and think and maybe even feel connected with them. you know, everything i don’t do. with that i leave you blog fans. good night, and good luck!