The entry below and any other entry i write on this are purely for humor’s sake. Do i endorse child abuse? no absolutely not. Most of the humorous things i write have a point to them, the point being in this one that some parents take it to far and push their child over the edge. Children should be pushed to a point, but they should also be allowed to become who they are. so before i get any emails asking me if i had terrible parents, i didn’t. in fact i have great parents. my dad could probably beat your dad up. i welcome all feedback, even if you do not agree with me or my rants of stupidness. i am dedicated to making this blog the most popular blog in the entire universe. sometimes i may say something that some people would find “offensive.” these people are nazis. are you a nazi? i didn’t think so.

i hope yall enjoyed this how to blog, for there are many more coming. if you have anything you would like to know how to do, then ask me and by golly gee willickers ill flipping write a how to on it.

lastly, here is a link to Sonya’s blog.

go check it out. if there is any way you can help them with their adoption, they would appreciate it. Even if it is just to say a prayer or showing support.

this is the last important notice i will give. i only wrote it after negative feedback i recieved. but as they say in the blog business, any press is good press. the main question now is, why aren’t i being hired by newspapers to write for them? they need me. and i need money. see how that could work beautifully?

so read my blogs, if not, then obviously you hate democracy.