Since on my other blog site I posted some great sometimes lesser known facts about Abraham Lincoln, I figured on this one I would post some great lesser known facts about…well…me. I know, exciting huh?

–when I was born I was 9 foot tall and weighed 4 metric tons. My mom cried im sure.

–I think the new knight rider will be sweet. that’s right, I said it! The mustang rocks.

–I believe hillary Clinton has no soul. One time I tried to look into her eyes, and my left heart ventricle froze right then and there.

–Obama rhymes with Llama. Wild huh!??

–this blog actually is just a bunch of random facts I made up. And half of them don’t even involve me.

–if you hold a kitten upside down and drop it from a 17 story building, it splats on the pavement. I do not recommend you trying this, just take my word for it.

–John McCain is actually 3 million years old.

–Al Gore has invented everything. Not only did he invent the internet, he also invented water and Dial Soap.

–Korean children have an extra heightened sense of smell.

–Nicholas Cage has exactly 3 facial expressions.

–nickel back made a deal with satan, which is the only thing that could explain their rise in popularity since I refuse to believe that people would voluntarily listen to it.

–if I had a superhero power, it would be the ability to keep cell phone batteries fully charged just by touching them.

–this part here is a quick test:

If you were on a road trip and had to fart but there was a lady present, how many states could you force yourself to hold it back for?

1 state : you are a jerk. How could you do such a thing.

2 states: you have the potential to be a gentleman.

3 states: you are a gentleman and a scholar.

4 states: you are dead.

–I once rolled my ankle by tripping over my dog.

–I am currently wearing Spiderman pajama’s. this is due to my Pink Floyd pajama’s being in the wash. I feel like an adult.

There you go, just some incredible facts to go by. Until next time peeps, keep it real and remember, holding your gas in for more then four states can kill you. Peace out!