welcome to another day.  

DATE : 2/18/08

MOOD: ehhhhh

SONG: Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans

8:00 pm (2/17/08) – the nba all star game.  what are my thoughts on it?  hmm..

–lebron james is quite good

–chris paul is also good

–there were no white people playing in the all star games.  unless you count dirk nowitski, tho he’s technically german.  and steve nash, but he’s canandian and do they really count? 

there was my expert analysis.  give me a job espn. 

12:00 midnight –  i am now in bed forcing myself to sleep.  curse you night owlness!

6:00 AM — this is when i start to wake up.  if i ever have kids this will be how i punish them.  am i saying my boss, who’s name i will not say, tho it does rhyme with brussell, is a slave driver?  hmmm… perhaps.  while i don’t pick cotton, i am forced to key in things into the computer all day while drussell stands behind me, hitting me on my back with a wooden spoon while laughing evil like. 

8:00 am — i get to work.  i will not tell you of some of the more interesting things that happened today.

..i found out that i remember less about mandy then she remembers about me.  at least i think thats what was said i really wasn’t paying that close of attention. 

…lawyers sound really mean.

..old people hate paying money they owe. 

 ..Kansas is a state.  not to be confused with Arkansas.

….if the south had won the civil war, then the united states would all be like alabama, and is that what we want? 

5:00 –i get off work.  i now have an hour and a half to kill before heading to church for an amazingly fun meeting.  i spend this time checking out stores.  i also bought two great dvd’s that really show my maturity.  those would include Homeward Bound an Incredible Journey and Disney’s the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  yes, i am 25 years old.

6:30 –meeting at church.  very hush hush.  some things i cannot say.  you are just not allowed to know this insider information.  such as the pants i was wearing were really red.  crap i probably shouldn’t of said that out loud.

8:00–finally make it home.  what a long day.  i don’t even really have time to watch one of the movies i had just purchased.  here are some of my observations of the day…

-i like star trek more then i would like to admit.  perhaps im coming to terms to my inner nerdness.

-women dislike themselves due to how society says that they should be.  i blame public education, the root of all evil.

-im not saying roger clemons is a liar, but i will say that he has a hard time trying to convince us what he wants us to believe is true.  when you talk and you make president bush sound like he paid attention in college, then perhaps you should use a script. 

-the deer will end up causing almost 2000 dollars worth of damage to my moms car.  and before you ask, yes the deer is dead.  and i for one am glad!  run at me will you….

thats all for today folks.  you’re gettin this for free, so if you complain, then i will send deer after you.  they are attracted to me after all.  over and out.