what a long day this turned out to be.  but lets hit it!

6:00 am –another morning time to wake up.  i believe that waking up this early is a way for me to be punished for my sins. 

8:00 am– work.  today at work i was told about all the phone calls im going to have to make.  this in turn completely destroyed my spirit and or soul.  i am quite certain that every time i speak to an old person, a little piece of me inside shrivel up and die. 

11:00 am ish– the journey begins.  since i am going with Russell to San Antonio next week for a conference, we have to dress pretty snazzy.  since me and dressing snazzy have never happened except on two occasions (prom and senior project) this meant looking for clothes. 

finding Russell clothes was not the problem.  me, however, with my much larger, um..everything, would be a problem.  thus began our fun times in shopping.  here is a rundown..

shirts: not that difficult to find.

suit: moderately difficult to find

shoes: got really lucky

socks: above moderately difficult

belt : it was easier to take the one ring back to mordor. 

6:00 pm — arrive back at the office.  i noticed i have a lot of work tomorrow.  i could possibly have cried, except i’m a man and don’t do that sort of thing.  in public anyways. 

7:00 pm — finally get home.  second long day in a row.  these are coming more and more often.  here are the questions to ponder for tomorrow..

will i survive?

will i actually behave somewhat mature like thus allowing other people to have a decent day?

will i completely give up soft drinks?

tune in tomorrow to find out!!!

SPECIAL NOTE:  UNC is ranked above Duke.  all is as it should be.