what a day today was.  lets get this show on the road!

–when i woke up, i saw nothing but a winter wonder land.  oh wait, i saw nothing. 

–i had to go pick up the suit today.  i had to try it on again today while a 70 year old woman and two seemingly gay foreign men waited for me.  as in, i could see them as i was changing over the door.  talk about awkward.  russell suggested i flirt with them.  i thought about it but decided against it. 

–there is a place on the bottom of my foot that itches like crazy.  that has been your health report.

–playing basketball is one of the few times when i feel trully happy. 

–in someone elses blog, it was said that the male species take advantage of women and their emotions.  i, however, said that women are just as guilty of that as the men.  perhaps this is because thats all i have ever had happen to me, or perhaps i just dont ever end up with the good women.  or perhaps the good women have standards of which i can only hope to meet. 

–i have been told that it seems i do not wish to move out of my current environment.  this however is untrue.  mark my words blog fans, if i am still here when im 30, then i will force myself out onto the streets, eating out of used chef boyarde cans until i die.  it will be a lonely life, but i should have an awesome beard. 

thats all for tonight peeps.  over and out!!