today on the blog….

–church went like the usual.  it has now been a week of doing these daily things i believe, and i have already grown tired of them.  just as im sure you have.

–carolina won.  that is important.

–i spent an hour trying to figure out how to tie a tie.  i almost got it.  i hope russell enjoys teaching a 25 year old how to do something that he should of known 10 years ago.

–i will be gone till friday.  i dont know if ill be able to update everyday from there, but i will try.  we’ll see if san antonio can handle this.  i dont think they can. 

–i am going to texas without a hat, but i am hoping to fit in none the less.

–the oscars are on…..if it weren’t for jon stewart and the five seconds of steve carrel, they’d be pointless. 

so that’s what happened today in a nutshell.  it’s getting late and i have to be up super early or i’d add more.  hardy har har.  keep checking for updates from texas!