as you may have noticed, the blog that was posted here
before has been removed.  this is due to the fact we
thought it could actually be hurtful and that was not
our intention.  so instead of letting that affect my
hilarity, i decided to fight back against adversity!
so today on the blog, i will myself tackle these hard
hitting topics!

WARNING: i do not plan to pull any punches.  i hope
you realize that while you will be able to tell how i
feel about certain things, that i do so with my
“humor”.  if you’re easily offended then good you

todays topic:  homeschooling

before i begin, let me point out that i know many
people who were homeschooled and who are being
homeschooled.  most of them are quite intelligent and
just overall awesome.  they are probably not the norm

homeschooling seems to be a touchy subject.  i spent
my life in public school.  while in public school, i
always wished i could be homeschooled just so i could
sleep in.  so, to give homeschooling it’s fair due, i
shall compile a list of pros and cons of


make your own hours.  you are not contained to the
wills of “the man.”  you do not have to combat my
fierciest rival, the early morning.

you can have more control when it comes to showing you
children morals.  this could also be considered a con
if you believe in free will.  depends on which plate
you want to eat from.

safety.  it is much easier to protect your children if
they’re in your house.  we all know that all public
schools are full of nothing but drugs and rocket
launchers.  why, when i was in school, if i hadn’t of
ducked i would of been shot in the face with a
submarine torpedo. 


your child may be limited to who teaches them.  one of
the positive things about public school is that you
will encounter many different teachers, therefor more
learning is possible. you can become so smart that you
can correct the english of your 10th grade english
teacher, which she will in turn get angry at you and
give you a B when you so deserved an A….grumble

it is a well known fact that 75 percent of all home
schooled children grow up to be zombies.  they live a
care free life of acting more important than others
and eating the brains of those less fortunate(it was
pointed out before that i might not know when to use
then or than.  i will point out that i do not care and
never will.  if you’re going to get caught up in typos
and bad grammer, then you shouldn’t of come to this
site.  you knew what you were getting into).  i want
to do a study to see if all those people who talk on
their cell phones in public were also home schooled.

a lot of terrible people in history were homeschooled.
here’s a list i have compiled…ghangis khan, adolf
, and hilary clinton.  AUTHORS NOTE:  i can not
back this up with actual facts. 

it is also a well known fact that most homeschoolers
are wierd.  i know this since two of my best friends
were homeschooled and i went with them to many
homeschool events.  i felt awkward and unwelcomed,
kind of like i was at a neo-nazi meeting and was a
jew.  my pals will also back me up on this claim.
this may sound ignorant of me, but to be fair, when do
i not sound ignorant?  this blog site is nothing but
my ignorance and you still come and read.  so who’s
fault is it?  hmmmm?  HMMMMM? 

those were just some pros and cons of homeschooling.
so should you homeschool?  this depends on how you
want your child to grow up.  i wanted to add the fact
that a lot of homeschooled children will grow up to be
socially awkward, and this is true on a lot of
accounts.  now i do know quite a few homeschooled
peeps, and they are anything but socially challenged.
however, i do not believe them to be the norm. 

will i homeschool my children?  what children?  wait
you know something i dont?  If God is as just as i
believe him to be, i doubt there will be any little
Johnny’s running around, for which we should all be
thankful.  but, on the off chance i do have a child or
two, i doubt i would homeschool.  this is mainly due
to the fact that i will enjoy them being gone for 7
hours a day. 

do i believe homeschooling to be evil?  well not as
evil as country music.  while i say negative things
against homeschooling it is trully because i do not
understand it and therefor fear it.  just as i do
regarding homosexuals and certain breeds of puppies. 

stay tuned to johnnyism for the next topic…you know
you want to…