What should be censored? Society has deemed it necessary to censor everything from racist warner brother cartoons to superbowl half time shows (I mean really, who actually cared to see hers anyways? Am I right? Huh? Am I?). I have decided that while I explain to you how sometimes we take censorship to far, I will do so with colorful language. I am aware that some people who read my blog could be offended by such colorful language, so I have decided that every time I am about to use such a word, it will be substituted with names for cute baby animals. How am I able to do this? That’s simple. Cause I am the PUPPY.If you don’t think that censorship has gone off the deep end, then you are one stupid mother KOALA BEAR. Pretty soon we will not have anything remotely resembling free speech. And what is worse, it is almost as if it’s selective censorship. If a woman says something, I can’t say anything cause then I’d be a sexist. If an African american says something, I can’t say anything cause I’d be a racist. If an arab comes running at me with a bomb strapped to his chest screaming “DIE YOU SONS OF KITTENS!” then I am a dirty american. When did america become this super sensitive country, a BEAR CUB if you will? Let us examine this question…It was a tough year. JFK had been shot years ago. Man had already pretended to of landed on the moon. Rap had unfortunately become a form of music. Garth Brooks still played concerts. Britney Spears hadn’t had kids or flashed her BUNNY RABBIT yet. Justin was still in Nsync (pre gay Lance Bass). Here is an artist drawing of Lance Bass.


And just for TIGER CUBs and giggles, here is an artist drawing of what Lance Bass looked like after he came out and said he was gay.lance-bass-after-gay.jpgThe country itself became ultra sensitive after Johnny began doing his blogs. That’s right. It’s my fault. Due to my lack of caring what people think. Due to my WINNIE THE POOH off attitude. My rebelness has destroyed america! But have no fear, I am here to tell us all how to fix it.1. Have a sense of humor. The main reason so many people make it harder on everyone else is due to the serious lack of sense of humor that has grown. It is out of control. It is almost impossible not to offend someone. When santa says HO HO HO women rights groups are offended. When a white guy gets a job over a black guy Jesse Jackson is outraged. When Celine Dion sings a song anyone with a single thread of taste in music is offended. That son of a MUSKRAT. If we could all get back to having our sense of humors back, think of all the good it will do. Men, women, and children holding hands. Divorce rates will decline. Catholic Priests will stop inappropriately GERBILing young boys. All will be right in the world.2. Stop being selfish. Hey, if you don’t like whats on tv, then change the channel. Or better yet, turn the television off. Stop letting the tv set raise your kids anyways. Lets try our best to dwindle the nerd population huh? Together we can do that. All those nerds can just go to PANDA BEAR CUB.

3. Elect Johnny president. that’s right, president. You want to make this country great again, elect me. Worried about our economy? No problem. Worried about gas prices? Actually, those are getting really HUMAN BABY expensive. But together, we can help to make america amazing again!!!

So there you have it folks. Censorship is getting so out of hand that I doubt you’ll even be able to read this if this blog got into the wrong hands!!! Stay tuned for the next topic!

*special thanks to Amy for inspiring me to write this one.  send all complaints to her*