This is yet another delicate topic. First question of course being why does it still exist? What is the point of hating someone just because they look different? I am about to lay out the facts right here and now.

1. White people are why African americans are here. Get over it white people.

2. Tons of white people died to give slaves freedom during the civil war. Remember that black people when you say you hate all the white man.

3. African americans were slaves for hundreds of years. That makes us about even I would say. So let’s get over this stupidity for crying out loud.

4. Christians, let’s please quit being the biggest bunch of jerks out there. We come off as the most hateful group of all. Someone is gay so we hate them? Someone isn’t christian so we hate them? Someone watches cartoons even though he’s 25 years old so we hate him? I mean them… oh yes, this is what Jesus taught indeed…

5. So someone is different from you. So what if they’re black? So what if they’re asian? Who cares? All that matters is if they’re a cool person or not. How can this world be full of so many incredibly stupid people? This is the year 2008. Why does racism still exist? Why does everyone want to revert back to Alabama? It is beyond my comprehension. So someone is “of color” so you don’t want your children near them? Get over yourself. If it weren’t for the Asians I sat next to in high school I wouldn’t of gotten half of those grades.

Why does racism exist? What is it’s point? Why are people still racist? They claim they’re not yet they won’t allow themselves or their children or grand children near people of other races? How completely stupid do you have to be? It’s like being in a country full of KKK members. Racism is nothing but cowardly people. You are cowards because you fear something you know nothing about. Just like how I’m a coward when it comes to crunk rap and country music. We are all a little racist. Everyone of us. But some of us take it to the extreme. Some of us take it to the point of hatred. Go pick your own friggin cotton you lazy bum.

Why do some people still believe it’s 1954? Get your heads out of your hind quarters people. You are denying yourself getting to know some pretty awesome people due to your own stupidity and blindness. I have even heard a few people say they won’t vote for Clinton because she is a woman. They won’t vote for Obama because he is black. How stupid? You shouldn’t vote for Clinton because she sustains herself on baby seals blood. You shouldn’t vote for Obama because you don’t agree with what he’s saying, not because of the color of his skin. Sometimes this racism crap makes me secretly hope that he becomes president so that everyone has to deal with it.

Guess what people. You can say that you have black friends. You can say that you have Mexican friends. But if sentence you say after that says that you wouldn’t let anyone of another color into your home, then guess what? You’re racist. How can you call someone a friend if you don’t want them in your home? You might as well get out your white ghost outfit and go burn a cross. And who in the world made you so friggin perfect? How on this God created earth can you say that you are better then someone else based PURELY on skin color? Oh look at you! You are perfect! You don’t get pimples and watch nothing but CNN and educational programming. Get over yourself.

Now that I have said all this, I have decided to help us all out. In order to get over being racist, you have to face what you do not understand. So here goes. And pay attention you Nazis.

 this is what a black person looks like


Oh wait, sorry. Got confused. Forget that one. Here is a picture of a real black person.


*EDITORS NOTE: this is funny because he’s not completely black.  his mom was white.  get it?  oh the hilarity.

Guess what people? Race doesn’t always imply truth. The best golfer in the world isn’t white. One of the best rappers in the world (if you call rap an art) is white. A person’s color does not define who they are and what they will do. Their character will.

How about we all get over that? How about we all accept the fact that it’s no longer the time of the cold war? Let’s all start to see a person for what they are and not for what color or race they happen to be. Or let’s just give them casinos. That’s how we kept the american Indians quiet. OHHHHHHH SNAPS! Yeah I went there. Stay tuned for the next blog!