Recently in the news, Youtube has come under fire. Why you ask? Because of a video that some girls posted that showed them beating up another girl over something on myspace. People were saying how Youtube should not have let that video be posted. While I agree that it was a terrible video, I do not agree that it should have been took off. Why is outrage always so misplaced? These six girls beat up one girl, and people want to be angry at Youtube instead of the people responsible. Ridiculous. But that isn’t even what this rant is about.

This rant is about how completely stupid kids have become. Why in the friggin world do you videotape a crime and THEN post it for the world to see? How stupid are you? We should be more concerned about the stupidity in our children then anything. We need more classes on common sense.

And why are we mad at Youtube? They provided the proof. There is no way these people responsible can say they aren’t responsible. It’s there. The whole world saw it. You know how much easier the OJ case would have been if he had taped it and put it on the internet? By the way, I still claim that the best thing OJ ever did was play in the Naked Gun movies. Why don’t they make a good stupid comedy like that anymore?

So this is just a short post. Why are kids so stupid? It pains me to admit that it could be due to the public schools. Come on public school system, help me to take up for you again.

On a side note, let’s stop blaming other things when kids do these things. We blame video games, internet, music, radio etc when we should be blaming ourselves. It is our fault. We raise these kids. A video game did not make a kid go and shoot up a school. The kid feeling like they had no escape and that was the only way is why. So let’s help out our youth. Let’s help them to be more mature. Let’s tell them that if they’re going to beat up someone with the odds 6 people to 1, to not videotape it. Friggin idiots.

One more side note: it saddens me that I feel I must put this just in case someone thinks I’m pro beat up kids. What these people done was terrible and outrageous. These kids were messed up to begin with, thinking that they were invincible. They should be put in jail. Maybe that will shut their little brat holes up. Also, let’s take MTV off the air, cause while I refuse to blame television for kids behaving badly, I will gladly throw MTV into the flame for it’s reality shows and My Sweet Sixteen, which is the devil. It makes me detest and hate rich kids.

Also, why is it when I ask for feedback (as in the last blog post) I get nothing? Lazy bums. I do this for you. I could charge you to read this genius but I don’t. The least you can do is to comment when I say to comment. Ya raggamuffins (I’m bringing that word back).