The contest has begun!!! Today, Trevor and I decided that we would begin the contest of the ages! We shall see who can last a week without making one negative remark toward ourselves or each other. I was on the verge of beating myself with the handle of a shotgun but I reframed since I had decided to have a contest that involved being positive.

Today was easy since it was day 1. The real test will be Wednesday and the weekend when we are around each other. Who do you think will win? Place your bets!

Stay tuned to Johnnyism for updates!

Also on a side note, Paris Hilton’s mom was outraged at the McCain group for using her daughter’s likeness in a political ad. I will now point out that she did not say a thing when her daughter’s likeness was used in a best selling sex video. Or when her daughter was just being a complete stuck up ignorant bag of hoe-ness.

The Olympics are also coming soon.  This year they are in the great country of China (the Chinese government politely asked me to say that at gunpoint).  To get you prepared for this fantastic event, I will tell you a little something about China in the upcoming posts, starting with this one. 

Below you will see a pie chart that shows the leading exports of China.