The contest is now over. Trevor and I couldn’t make it a single week with being positive. We were going so strong too. For a minute there I believed we had a chance. But what brought our downfall? It was a combination of things.

1. My associate and other best friend decided she was going to test me. Which set up her saying some of these quotes..


“He has a bunch of small facial hairs”

(referring to my inability to grow a full awesome chin beard)

“You’re dumb.”

(while she never actually said this, it was implied on a number of occasions)


2. The night at the movie theater……

So we were at the movies. After the movie, we were in the parking lot at our cars talking before we left. That’s when someone spotted something on the ground. This is how that conversation went…

MANDY: What’s that?

ME: A leaf.

TREVOR: Yea what is that?

CASEY: (while bending down to get a closer look) I’m not sure.

ME: Looks like a small dead rodent.

TREVOR: I can smell it.

ME: I think it’s like a rat or something? (looking down at it)

MANDY: Don’t touch it!

ME: I’m not going to. (I proceed to kick it around a little to see if I can figure it out)


It happened to be a tampon.  In my and Trevor’s defense, it was quite furry looking so how were we suppose to know?


3. Work.

Work played a key role in destroying my positive outlook for the week. It seems that if you have an old woman curse you out and you look into it and find out she’s actually right and that it’s actually your fault it really destroys the positive. I had never wanted to karate chop an old woman in the throat so badly before.


4. Last night.

A few friends came over. The plan was to play Rock Band. While we did eventually do that, we also decided to try some game where you answer questions on a card and people try to guess which answer is yours. This was a sign that things were going downhill. While I wish I was able to quote all the things Trevor and I wrote down, I won’t be able to since this is a PG-13 blog I run. But here are a few examples.

Q: What’s one word that would describe how you eat?

My Answer: D*mn!

Q: What’s the worst feeling in the world?

My Answer: When the rope burns against your neck.

Q: What allows you to sleep at night?

My Answer: The thought that I could die the next day.

Q: Name an activity that brings you joy.

My Answer: CENSORED.

*Trevor’s answers were also as negative and cynical.*

This was heavily edited for your protection and mine. It was also how our contest was ended. As you can see, the attempt to stay positive had died. Cynicism ruled the air. So I am sorry for letting you all down. Or am I? probably not.


I don’t actually have any news here. I just wanted to take this moment to proclaim how annoying the presidential race has gotten. It has gotten more annoying than your girlfriend not calling you, ignoring you, not admitting that you’re her boyfriend, closing her blinds when she sees you in the bushes, and not getting rid of that obnoxious restraining order.

When the least annoying person in the presidential race is Paris Hilton, then something is wrong. Something is really wrong.