I am now attempting to go 21 days without complaining. To do this, I have employed the services of a rubber band. Whenever I catch myself complaining, I will take the rubber band off one arm and put it on the other. However the rubber band pulls on the hairs on my arms and cuts off circulation. Also, the whole concept of not complaining is really icky and stupid.

How many days can I go? What? You don’t think I can go anytime without complaining? Why I tell you, you can’t count on anyone to have your back now a days. No one to believe in you. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with people today, today people (the editor: he complains like this for another paragraph so I will cut that out, though I’m sure I’ll hear about that).

We will see if I have what it takes not to complain. You also can’t gossip. This means I can no longer tell you how much it angers me that I won’t be able to talk about how much who Jessica Simpson is dating now upsets me. Stupid no complaining thing not letting me complain….




In China, they consider it an insult if you open your eyes up all the way. So if you’re over there, you must walk around and act like your eyes haven’t had any sleep for days.