Today at church I witnessed what I guess was suppose to be a conversation. I use the term “conversation” very loosely. It was more of a one person talking at someone else instead of a convo. This is not the first time I’ve noticed this. So, as a public service, I will teach everyone how you actually have a conversation.

1: Keep your voice at a decent level.

If you raise your voice at all it will never come off well. This is why Germans are never trusted.

2: Listen to what the other person is saying.

This may be the hardest part. You have to actually listen to the other person and what they’re saying. By listening, I do not mean while they are talking, think of what you want to say to prove your point more. I mean actually hear them, analyze it in your head, and then form a thought about what they just said.

3: Talk TO someone, not AT someone.

People are different. People have different opinions. You and I can read the same sentence and get two entirely different things out of it. So if someone does something that offends you or upsets you and you go up to them to bring this up, talk TO them, not AT them. If you’re just attacking them just to make yourself feel better about yourself then you’re coming off as a jerk. I promise you it will NOT solve anything.

4: Just realize people are different.

Sometimes you just really want someone to see what you’re trying to say. But sometimes that’s just not going to happen. Let’s not let that destroy each other.

5: Remember that everyone has pride.

Pride will be man’s downfall. I know I have a problem with it. If we feel our pride has been attacked, our instinct is to attack back. To go on the offensive. If you do this in a conversation, then you will destroy relationships.

6. Listen to yourself when you talk.

This is a major one. Sometimes I hear people talk and I swear to you they have no idea how they sound. At least I hope that’s what it is.

7. If you know you’re going to get upset when talking to someone, then control yourself.

If you know you won’t be able to say it, then write it down so you can read over it. Heck, send them the letter. It’s when we are upset that we say things we will regret. We burn bridges this way. It’s when we look the worst. Write it down if you have to. Text them if you have to. Call them if you have to. Make sure you do what you can to not become emotional.


I have witnessed this with many different people at the church. Now I don’t normally write things that are overly religious on my blog site here, but this has bothered me for a while now. Humanity is destroying religion. Religion is taking God out of the church. We are forgetting why we are there. We are forgetting that we are there for God, not for ourselves. It is God’s house, not ours, even if you helped build it. I want God back. The fire I once had for God has been diminishing little by little, and when I see people I respect act this way it gives me another reason to think about moving on. Now I realize there is not a perfect church. People make up the church and people are not perfect. But sometimes maybe Got puts things in your head or helps you to see something to show you it’s time to move on. Maybe. Dunno, just thought I’d hit yall with a moment of honesty. Don’t get used to it.

This is one of the reasons the church has become so easy to attack. We are suppose to be a loving people. We are not suppose to be verbally attacking people, and it looks even worse if we’re attacking each other. If we can’t even have actual conversations at church then where can we?

I know there weren’t that many jokes in this one. Although there was a decent joke against the Germans. Sometimes you just got to tell people they’re being stupid.