I have invented a new game. It’s really easy to learn and you can have as many players as you want. Great for a party or church get together. It’s called “Make Up A Racial Stereotype.” All you have to do is completely make up a stereotype. Nothing that has been heard before. Here, I will show you some examples of ones I have come up with just now.


A Mexican’s eyesight is based on movement.

Koreans eat their own young.

Women from the Bahamas only use the red Solo plastic cups to drink out of.

White people are expert diggers.

Jews have an extra set of eyelids which allow them to see underwater.

Goths really enjoy tomatoes.

Older women who love cats die alone in an apartment, and aren’t found until five days later when the meowing of the 32 cats finally gets under the guy in 32B’s skin.


See? It’s fun for all ages! Mark my words, it will be the fastest growing new party game.