I own a game that is called “Game of Things”. In this game, someone reads a card and you write something that goes along with that. It can be for real or humorous. Guess which I tend to lean to? I have went through the game and picked out a few cards that I found were the best, and I have supplied the answer I would give to it.

CARD: Things that make you gag.

MY ANSWER: The fact that Nicholas Cage has a career.


CARD: Things you shouldn’t say to your wife.

MY ANSWER: Do you enjoy these daily beatings?


CARD: Things you shouldn’t do in public.

MY ANSWER: walk around pants less and hump pedestrians.


CARD: Things you can do to get rid of unwanted guests.

MY ANSWER: Invite them to stay over and watch the upcoming massive puppy slaying.


CARD: Things you shouldn’t hold while riding a bike.

MY ANSWER: my man bags.


CARD: Things you shouldn’t say to a police officer.

MY ANSWER: You can look any where but the trunk.


CARD: Things that are useless.

MY ANSWER: Anything I’ve ever been involved with or bears my name or touch.


CARD: Things a chimp thinks about when he sees you at the zoo.

MY ANSWER: I could easily hit him in the face with flying poo.


CARD: Things you could use as an excuse on judgement day.

MY ANSWER: Who even knows what covet means?


CARD: Things dogs are actually saying when they bark.

MY ANSWER: If you were blind I’d lead you into the street.


CARD: Things that very old people shouldn’t do.

MY ANSWER: Breathe.


CARD: Things you shouldn’t use as an opening line.

MY ANSWER: Would you mind lowering your standards and giving me a shot?


CARD: Things you shouldn’t say to your children.

MY ANSWER: Please stop proving to me that you were a mistake.


CARD: Things you would like to add to the Ten Commandments.

MY ANSWER: Thou shalt show Johnny pity and cuddle with him.


CARD: Things you shouldn’t write on a Valentine’s card.

MY ANSWER: Could you not close your curtains on your window the next time you’re taking a shower? It blocks my line of sight when I’m in the bushes.