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In this edition of translating a rap video, I will focus on the popular song by Gucci Mane called “Wasted.”  It’s currently number 6 in the Billboard Rap charts.  I will translate exactly what this artist is saying with his rapping so that you, the average person, can understand the message he is trying to present. 

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha, ha

(in this part, he’s actually just laughing because he has realized that people listen to him make this kind of music)


Ha, rock star lifestyle might don’t make it
Living life high everyday click wasted
Sipping on purple stuff rolling up stanky
Wake up in the morning 10 clock dranking

(He’s a rock star you see.  He lives his life high every single day.  He enjoys drinking purple liquids and not showering.  He wakes up promptly every morning at 10 AM and decides that since he isn’t contributing to society in any shape or form, he can start drinking)


Party, party, party, let’s all get wasted
Shake it for me baby girl, do it butt naked
I’m so wasted, she so wasted shout the bartender
Send 20 more cases

(He enjoys saying the word party while drinking alcoholic beverages.  He asks a young woman if she wouldn’t mind causing a motion in your buttocks region, and if she could possibly do that while nude.  He and her are both drunk and ask the bartender if he could bring them even more beverages, since the thought of alcoholic poisoning obviously hasn’t entered his mind)


Geeking like Whitney, geeking like Britney
Gucci no hippie but it’s on like Jimy X
Pill poppers geeked up krazy whole click rolling
Everyone wasted purple codine sprite

(He geeks like Whitney Houston and Britney Spears, meaning he likes to have a man who’s a loser around and beats him while snorting cocaine.  He isn’t a hippie but believes that hippie is in fact on a man named Jimy X.  He goes with his friends and some of them partake in taking pills.  They then drink Sprite that they have turned purple, because it brings out his eyes and matches his outfit)


Pink don’t wasted, mix up, grandma drunk it
Then taste it, now grandma sipping syrup
Leaning wasted walking ’round f**k up
Twisting her finga home gurl

(They had a pink pill, but they didn’t want it to go to waste so they put it in a drink so his grand mother could drink it.  Now she’s an alcoholic too and even resorts to drinking children’s cough medicine.  He has had so much to drink now he can’t walk correctly. The woman he is with is double jointed and is doing magic tricks with her finger)


Slipped up drunk got wasted now
She back stage an she tryna get famous
Hit me up the drinky, drinky Gucci Mane
Shake it, club night, d*mn right, Gucci Mane wasted

(The woman is slipping because she’s drunk.  She is so drunk she thinks that the backstage is where everyone will see her.  She asks him to hit her while screaming “drinky drinky.”  He attends a dance club where people enjoy moving their bodies to music while cursing)


I don’t wear tight jeans like the white boys
But I do get wasted like the white boys
Now I’m looking for a b***h to suck dis almond joy
Said she gotta stop sucking ’cause her jaw’s sore

(He’s racist and hates white male children who wear tight jeans.  He does, however, like to get drunk with them.   He found himself a candy bar, an Almond Joy to be exact.  He found a woman who he thought would enjoy the Almond Joy, but apparently she’s a Mounds person, since the Almond Joy’s hurt her jaws.  She may have lock jaw)




Gotta b***h on the couch, b***h on the floor
Party just popping up but now he rolling more
Rolled on, 3 pills now, he on 4 idk, why?
But that remy turned into a whore

(He has two female dogs, possibly pitbulls, one that stays on the couch and the other on the floor.  The party he attended has pop up books.  He enjoys those, but can’t get enough of them.  He went to another party, took three pills and doesn’t know why.  He then calls the band Remy Zero a whore, possibly because he thinks they’re sell outs for doing the theme to Smallville)




Walked in the club, pocket full of big faces
Got the 40 on my waist and it’s off safety
‘Bout 40 goons wit me and we all wasted
Only remy straight tonight dawg no chasing

(He went into a dance club.  In his pocket he has a bunch of masks.  On his waist, he has a gun that he didn’t put on the safety, since this is obviously a genius idea.  He has forty people with him, they’re all drunk and dancing and shooting their guns.  Only the band Remy Zero has had anything to drink tonight, possibly because they are driving or because Superman told them they couldn’t)




Only click faded we geeked up crazy
Big boy bracelet we white boy wasted
No shirt, f**k it unless your arms tatted
We slapping trunk disgusted the liquor

(Some of his friends put clothes in the wash and the colors faded, but they all geeked up and got crazy thinking about Star Wars.  He can’t wait to grow up to be an adult man so that he can wear bracelets while he is drunk like a white male child.  He likes to be like his idol, Matthew McConaughey, so he doesn’t wear a shirt and makes bad movies.  In the last line of this part, it’s not actual English and cannot possibly be translated)






Keep wasting 285 east side me and Plies wasted
Racing seven big booty broads chasing spring break
50 thousand white girls shake it some dancing naked
But everyone wasted magic city Monday

(He has wasted 285 east side Plies, which, like the rest of the song, makes no possible sense.  He then goes out for spring break and races seven women with bigger than average buttocks.  He then finds 50,000 white women who are dancing in the nude and disappointing their parents at the same time.  It’s Monday and everyone is drunk, possibly to get this song out of their heads)



Ball players wasted this one for yo’ uncle
Drinking Thunderbird wasted 12 pack wasted
I need more cases and Gucci not a racist
All my diamonds Caucasians

(A basketball player was someone’s uncle and was killed.  Somehow he has drunk a Ford motor vehicle and didn’t drink a 12 pack of beer that went to waste.  He needs more drinks and he isn’t a racist, as proven by his white friends who are covered in diamonds)
I have now translated this song for you.  So if you happen to hear it again, you will now fully understand it.  You are welcome.

1. Miley Cyrus quits Twitter

Miley Cyrus has decided to quit her mega popular Twitter.  She said that she quit because she wants to keep her private life private.  She has ensured her privacy AND proved that she doesn’t want all that attention by releasing a rap song on Youtube that has over 2 million views already.  With that being said, I regret to inform you all that I shall be quitting my popular Facebook and Twitter updates.  I’m hoping to tell everyone that I just want my privacy by releasing a huge budget commercial that will air during the Superbowl.


Please look at her so she can tell you that she doesn’t want attention.


2.  President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama was selected to win the Nobel Peace Prize this past week.  He won for all his hard work of making promises he hasn’t yet accomplished.  He has won by having goals, but not achievements.  Also announced, Tom Hanks will win an Oscar for whatever movie he’s filming next.  And my blog has won blog of the year for 2011.


No one has cared about this award since the 1940s.


3.  NASA Bombs the Moon

On Friday, NASA bombed the moon stating that there could be weapons of mass destruction located there.  In other jokes circa 2004, George Bush says stupid things.


If we don’t bomb the moon, then the terrorists win.


California governor Arnold Schwarenegger signed a bill that honors the first openly gay politician elected to office Harvey Milk.  When asked why, Governor Schwarenegger said “I honor Harvey Milk because milk did Ahrnold’s body good.  Ahrnold drunk milk everyday and got muscles on top of muscles. Go see my movie, Jingle All The Way with Sinbad, yahh fun for the whole family.”  Harvey Milk is heralded in the gay community.  He’s Harvey Milk, and while he may not have recruited you, he certainly wanted to grab your genitals if you were a man.


He has come from the future to warn you that he will become governor of California


That’s what’s in the news.  In leaving, please know that I enjoy statistics.  So I recently asked a bunch of people If they were glad that they found my blog site.  This pie chart illustrates their responses.

chart graph are you glad you found my blogs