Years ago Michael Jackson brought together different artists and made “We Are The World.”  And like everything else America does, they decided to remake “We Are The World” and do nothing original with it.  They played this during the Olympics.  I am about to provide you a service and comment what I’m thinking as I watch and listen to the video.

Please note that I am not against helping those in need. I’m against this particular “We Are The World” video purely because if it shows the state of music at the moment, then I know the reason why album sales are non existent.

These are the thoughts and observations I had as I watched this.

1)Haven’t I heard this song before?

2)Why is there a child singing at the beginning?

3)Michael Jackson singing about children with his sister?

4)Barbara Streisand?  Really?

5)Dear Celine Dion, please stop.

6)I honestly don’t know who most of those people are….

7)Apparently the best way to show Haiti love is to use Autotune?

8)Group rap session?  Even rappers have hearts people.

9)Was there a black guy trying to yodel?

10)I feel ya Kanye, I feel ya.

11)If I was Haiti, I’d tell them to try this again and make it better.

12)I don’t get how that just ended.  What was that guy doing?  Was he choking on a potato chip?

13)Maybe they couldn’t get real artists to sing for this.

14)Watching this should have inspired me.

15)Watching this made me tired.

Perhaps you liked this video.  That’s fine.  You’re allowed to like crappy things.