Today’s Headlines….

In the Lebron James decision, ESPN broadcasted an hour-long special in which Lebron James made the country wait for almost 40 minutes to tell us what team he would play for.  In related news, I will announce what friend I’m going to hang out with this weekend in a special hour-long program to air on ABC. 

Lady Gaga plays John Lennon’s famous white piano, causing many Beatles fans to cry foul.  The more suprising part of this is the fact that Lady Gaga can play piano.

BP has finished placing a brand new seal over the oil leak.  If this doesn’t work, the next step will be throwing pieces of beef jerky down the pipe in hopes that Jennifer Love Hewitt will follow it.

Sarah Palin’s people skills have been growing stronger and stronger.  However, her get in the kitchen and make a sandwich skills have been sadly declining.

Scott Stapp, lead singer from the once popular band Creed, welcomed a new son.  No word on if he welcomed his child “with arms wide open.”

Mel Gibson was caught saying a death threat to his girl friend.  In Gibson’s defense, he thought his girl friend was Jewish.