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Everyone knows that the NBA was amazing in the 90s.  I was lucky enough to grow up in the era in which not only had Michael Jordan, but also featured the Dream Team, Shawn Kemp, and the Charlotte Hornets.  Today we’re gonna dive deep into the real reasons as to why the 90s NBA was the greatest.  Starting with….Grandmama.


Larry Johnson was a powerful undersized forward for the Charlotte Hornets.  When he wasn’t playing basketball with someone roughly the size of your youngest child (Muggsy Bogues), he would spend his free time dressed up as an elderly woman.  It’s not my place to ask why nor is it my place to judge.  All I know is that when Grandmama stepped on the black top in an episode of Family Matters and played ball with a now somehow coordinated Steve Urkel my childhood was complete.  Not even Eddie Winslow could stop Grandmama!


Space Jam

The year was 1996.  The world would never be the same after the great documentary “Space Jam” was released.  In this gritty little indie film, Michael Jordan is just minding his own business playing golf with Larry Bird and Peter Venkman when he’s pulled into a new world in which a rabbit and his friends are going to be forced into slavery.  Jordan not only saves their world, but he also saves the talents of Charles Barkley, Grandmama, Muggsy Bogues, Patrick Ewing, and some tall white Mormon guy.  This film is vital to our history.


Lil’ Penny

Penny Hardaway was another one of the players I loved as a child.  This guy could ball.  But what was even better than he was Lil Penny.  Lil Penny would be everywhere.  Some say he was just a doll.  But I like to think that he was a part of Penny Hardaway.  A very small part that loved to do commercials.

That’s all for today.  I’ve said this before, I know, but I hope to start to keep this blog up and going again.  It has been a few years since I had.  So stay tuned!


’tis saturday, which means no work.  so what did i do today?  lets take a look…

–was able to sleep soundly till i woke up, which happened to be at 830 am.  this would normally be good, but considering i didnt fall asleep till 3 am… 

–got to play some hoops today.  i played a ton better then last time.  how bad was last time?  i played at the same exact level that a paraplegic monkey with no use of its arms would of played at. 

–then it was time to get the ole hair trimmed for next weeks big trip.  people think i’m getting a sort of vacation, but the truth is ill be working the whole time.  maybe even more so then if i wasnt going.  i will see more of the hotel then i will of texas.  joy to the world. 

–i realized how much nerd was still in me when anthony talked to me literally two hours about x-men.  and i wonder why girls dont find me appealing. 

–in five years, we will all be controlled my microchips.  in related news, im rich and chased by women. 

      –sorry sonya, had to. 

–i actually dont have to sing for worship team tomorrow, and im thrilled.  its a pain to have to get up early on another day of the week when i already have to for monday through friday.  perhaps im lazy.  perhaps…

–im thirsty.  do not worry for i will remedy this problem. its now been almost two months caffeine free.  will i be able to take the next step and let go of pop?  is it sad that ive been around sonya and russ’s family that i now call pepsi pop?  yes, yes it is. 

thats all for tonight.   good night cleveland. 

p.s. amy has hit me in the head with a shovel before, and is threatening to do the same again.  so if anything happens to me, we know who did it.

another day, another dollar.  at least that’s what the saying says.  lets hit up what i did today!

morning:  i woke up at a decent time, after actually getting the sleep i felt i needed.  i really need to sleep as much as i can so ill be ready for next week. 

i got to work exactly on time.  when i arrived angels greeted me with their glorious horn blowing.  and as i walked past the trash bin, i felt the light shine upon me in approvement. 

for some reason i feel decent today.  mandy however did not.  she’s doing detox, which she believes is what caused her to get sick today.  she then said that i should try it.  draw your own conclusions.

Lunch : i felt i needed something different.  fast food gets old..well…fast.  A HAH! taco bell.  and yes, it was delicious.  the funny part of this story is the three mexicans who walked into taco bell, and only one of them could order since he spoke english.  and this is at a place full of spanish names.  i would of laughed at them, but since they were mexican, i am 100 percent sure they would of stabbed me. 

Afternoon:  the calls today weren’t bad actually.  everyone i talked to was pleasant, which really helps my day when i have to talk to patients.  my conscience yells at me enough so i do not need senior citizens joining the fray.

will the weather get nasty?  i don’t think it will.  while it has gotten cold, i just dunno about bad weather. 

that was my day.  here are a few bonus things:

-everyone wants to see me in a suit.  why?  just because you pretty up the wrapping, it doesnt make the present any better.  wait, did that make sense? 

-baseball is boring.  it’s true.  get over it.

-the bottom of my foot itches.  it’s ok, i took care of it. 

-i can’t believe it’s not butter.

– im going to a basketball game tonight.  Anthony has shown improvement in every game i’ve seen.  i’d like to think it’s because of all the help i gave him, but i know that’s not true since he actually plays defense.

-i must find a way to record next weeks episode of Lost.  if i do not see it, it is quite possible that my life as it stands will end.  i do not wish to be dramatic, but i could cut myself if i miss it. 

thats all for today.   i really do spoil you guys.  over and out!

welcome to another day.  

DATE : 2/18/08

MOOD: ehhhhh

SONG: Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans

8:00 pm (2/17/08) – the nba all star game.  what are my thoughts on it?  hmm..

–lebron james is quite good

–chris paul is also good

–there were no white people playing in the all star games.  unless you count dirk nowitski, tho he’s technically german.  and steve nash, but he’s canandian and do they really count? 

there was my expert analysis.  give me a job espn. 

12:00 midnight –  i am now in bed forcing myself to sleep.  curse you night owlness!

6:00 AM — this is when i start to wake up.  if i ever have kids this will be how i punish them.  am i saying my boss, who’s name i will not say, tho it does rhyme with brussell, is a slave driver?  hmmm… perhaps.  while i don’t pick cotton, i am forced to key in things into the computer all day while drussell stands behind me, hitting me on my back with a wooden spoon while laughing evil like. 

8:00 am — i get to work.  i will not tell you of some of the more interesting things that happened today.

..i found out that i remember less about mandy then she remembers about me.  at least i think thats what was said i really wasn’t paying that close of attention. 

…lawyers sound really mean.

..old people hate paying money they owe. 

 ..Kansas is a state.  not to be confused with Arkansas.

….if the south had won the civil war, then the united states would all be like alabama, and is that what we want? 

5:00 –i get off work.  i now have an hour and a half to kill before heading to church for an amazingly fun meeting.  i spend this time checking out stores.  i also bought two great dvd’s that really show my maturity.  those would include Homeward Bound an Incredible Journey and Disney’s the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  yes, i am 25 years old.

6:30 –meeting at church.  very hush hush.  some things i cannot say.  you are just not allowed to know this insider information.  such as the pants i was wearing were really red.  crap i probably shouldn’t of said that out loud.

8:00–finally make it home.  what a long day.  i don’t even really have time to watch one of the movies i had just purchased.  here are some of my observations of the day…

-i like star trek more then i would like to admit.  perhaps im coming to terms to my inner nerdness.

-women dislike themselves due to how society says that they should be.  i blame public education, the root of all evil.

-im not saying roger clemons is a liar, but i will say that he has a hard time trying to convince us what he wants us to believe is true.  when you talk and you make president bush sound like he paid attention in college, then perhaps you should use a script. 

-the deer will end up causing almost 2000 dollars worth of damage to my moms car.  and before you ask, yes the deer is dead.  and i for one am glad!  run at me will you….

thats all for today folks.  you’re gettin this for free, so if you complain, then i will send deer after you.  they are attracted to me after all.  over and out.