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in an effort to pay more attention to this blog as compared to my other one, i have decided to start posting what i will call a “daily update”.  this will consist of being awfully journal like, so my apologies before hand.  and i did say journal.  i didn’t say diary.  that would be girly.  and i havent had a diary since last year.  these updates will be posted almost every day, unless i feel like not writing them.  so, if you have ever wondered how johnny townsend spends his days, this is the moment you have been waiting for….


7:30 AM – i had to get up early today.  on a sunday.  this should be outlawed.  the reason for getting up early was so that i could make it to church and practice with the worship team.  what should be noted is that while i have seen 730 AM before, it still feels like it doesn’t exist, and shouldn’t. 

 8:30 AM – i arrived at church on time, which for those who know me, is proof that miracles still in fact exist.  one of the songs picked out for worship team was “as the deer panteth for the water”.  this is ironic since i had just last night hit a deer with my mom’s new car.  i have now found a new sense of hatred toward deer, and for the first time ever feel no sympathy for Bambi. 

practice went as usual.  why they ask me to sing is beyond me.  perhaps they don’t actually listen.  i believe it’s called “pitty”, which is actually what has gotten me through my entire life. 

 9:45 – church starts.  usual service.  since i sat next to trevor, the dumb jokes last the entire service.  mainly about how at the upcoming church work day they will probably have us literally digging our own graves. 

11:00 – sunday school class.  since this is the third sunday of the month, i did not have to teach the youth class.  instead i went into the men’s class, which is about the struggles of men.  the next question you should ask is “have you ever felt as awkward before?” the answer would be “yes, at the men’s retreat where these same questions were raised.”  want a preview?


“She was blessed.”

“how old were you when you saw your first pair?”

see the fun?  endless awkward conversations.  mainly involved the older guys telling the single young guys (which consisted of two of us) about life.  its a great feeling to be singled out.  its good to have something that really tells you how much you don’t fit in.  cue depression…

1:00 pm – lunch at a mexican place.  el passo i believe.  actually quite good if you like mexican food.  it was good to have lunch with friends.  need to do that more often.  i also discovered that i make racial jokes without trying, and that some of my jokes might possibly go too far.  maybe.  i did also too discover that amy goes there so much, the mexicans that work there make small talk with her.  she also knows how to speak fluent mexican off of the menu.

3:30 – i have to call the insurance for my mom to report the “accident.”  here is a part of the transcript….

ME: is this who i talk to if i hit a deer?

WOMAN:  Yes.

ME:  well i hit a deer.

see how intelligent that starts out?  it gets even more so.

WOMAN:  so tell me what happened.

ME:  the deer hit me, i believe it was suicidal.  Is there a way i can sue the deer?

that was perhaps the best phone call ive had with an insurance. 

5:00 – watched the end of the daytona 500.  i thought that maybe they would try to go right for a change, but alas, they did not. 

6:00 – played the next game in my season on NBA 2K8.  finished the entire game.  my guy had a double double.  i say this to tell you that the game decided to die just before i could save it.  my life is now over. 

7:00 – i get on this thing and start to type this.  this typing is live.  real time even.  i am getting ready to watch the NBA all star game, and you should be too. 

that is all i can give you, since it is now up to the time i put last.  i hope you enjoyed getting to know what johnny does on days.  if you didn’t, then why did you read you big stupif?