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’tis saturday, which means no work.  so what did i do today?  lets take a look…

–was able to sleep soundly till i woke up, which happened to be at 830 am.  this would normally be good, but considering i didnt fall asleep till 3 am… 

–got to play some hoops today.  i played a ton better then last time.  how bad was last time?  i played at the same exact level that a paraplegic monkey with no use of its arms would of played at. 

–then it was time to get the ole hair trimmed for next weeks big trip.  people think i’m getting a sort of vacation, but the truth is ill be working the whole time.  maybe even more so then if i wasnt going.  i will see more of the hotel then i will of texas.  joy to the world. 

–i realized how much nerd was still in me when anthony talked to me literally two hours about x-men.  and i wonder why girls dont find me appealing. 

–in five years, we will all be controlled my microchips.  in related news, im rich and chased by women. 

      –sorry sonya, had to. 

–i actually dont have to sing for worship team tomorrow, and im thrilled.  its a pain to have to get up early on another day of the week when i already have to for monday through friday.  perhaps im lazy.  perhaps…

–im thirsty.  do not worry for i will remedy this problem. its now been almost two months caffeine free.  will i be able to take the next step and let go of pop?  is it sad that ive been around sonya and russ’s family that i now call pepsi pop?  yes, yes it is. 

thats all for tonight.   good night cleveland. 

p.s. amy has hit me in the head with a shovel before, and is threatening to do the same again.  so if anything happens to me, we know who did it.