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even though my day wasn’t that great, i shall still provide yall with a few highlights. 

 all this happened today

–the quietest walk ever.  sometimes i let my stupidity get the best of me.

–the nicest person i talked to today was a lawyer.  the world is trully topsy turvey.  i have found more reasons why i detest the phone.

–i fell asleep last night and slept nicely.  that is until somewhere around 330ish.  that is when my body said “hey johnny, i know what we should do.   instead of gettin the sleep you so desperately need, how about we wake up and lay in bed for at least an hour?” 

–tyler hansbrough is incredible.  some people think he won’t play well in the pros.  i say he’ll make a NBA team that’s already good even better.  with that being said, i would like to offer my services to the Miami Heat.  hey, if you can go 9-42 without me, then you can’t really do any worse with me.  plus i have quite a nice ability to hit shots.  i will now wait by my phone for a phone call mr. wade, or is it pookie now?

–next week is dawning on me now.  so many questions…will i do well?  will i mess up?  will i let down those who employ me (who i also count as close personal friends so that makes the situation fill with even more pressure) ?  will i forget to put pants on thus show up at the exquisite conference show with a really nice shirt and some really nice boxers?  will i be able to survive missing an episode of lost (the magic 8 ball says “outlook not good”)?

–my forehead still looks almost cave man like.  it’s true.  look at my forehead closely next time you see me.  ask me if you can feel my forehead so you can feel that protruding bone. 

well thats all for now.  im now going to kick back and watch Shaq and Nash take on Kobe and Pau.  my day may have been crappy, but basketball wise it’s been just dandy.  over and out!