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1. Chris Brown and Rihanna

So he beats her until she is almost unrecognizable. He kept beating her. It was as if he was beating her, got tired of beating her, took a five minute break, then beat her some more. His career should be over. The funny part of this story is the fact that Rihanna went back to him and they are dating again… Why do women do this? He showed her he loved her with his fists. And she went back to him. Cause she loves him I guess? I’ll never understand women. He beat me so much I had to go to the hospital, but gosh darn it I love him. He hit me with a Louisville Slugger, but I know deep down he really loves me. See how crazy that sounds? Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong, I’m not beating the women I’m around.


I show her I care with flowers and a fist to the mouth.

I show her I care with flowers and a fist to the mouth.


2. Chimp Attacks Woman

So you get a call from your friend. And she asks you to come over and help her calm her pet monkey down. A monkey she is way to close to. So you go over there out of the goodness of your heart. The end result is that the monkey ate your face off.


Hmmm…I think I’ll eat some old woman’s face today…


3. Charles Barkley Jail Time

Charles Barkley, known as a legend in basketball who never won a championship, was sentenced to jail time for a DUI incident. Perhaps that would explain his golf swing.


4.  Johnnyism videos

I have started videos that I will be putting up on my facebook and on youtube.  First up is my series on how to get ladies to notice you.  And since I’m not above whore’ing myself out, even on my own blog, I will show you one of those videos.