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I visited a different church today. It was a church much larger than the one I normally attend. Did I learn anything this Sunday morning? Well here are the notes I took while I sat through the service.


* The upcoming election is about death.

* Some people vote for baby killing.

* Some democrats are actually pro-life.

* There was some standing to show support of babies.

* People also clapped in support of babies.

* There is a cereal called “Sugar Kern Pops” that had nike missiles.

* Rat traps won’t hurt you. Trust me.

* I felt like the pastor was talking to me when he said “I’m talking to you young person.”

* I covet those who have the ability to not covet.

* A good glove will not improve your baseball skills.


So there you have it. Hopefully this will give you the feeling of being in the room with me.

SPECIAL NOTE: I would do this all the time, but people from my church read this, and I already have to field enough questions about the stuff I write.