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In an effort to let my readers feel more connected to me, I told everyone at the start of this blog that I would be more personal. Recently, someone asked me a question that I had never been asked before. They asked me “why do funny guys want to stop being funny?”. I like to think of myself as “having a sense of humor” so I feel like an expert in this area. So let me count you the ways.

1. Women.

Yes, women. The opposite sex often dictates how we carry ourselves and/or the changes we make. We want to impress them or to make them notice us. So what do you do if you aren’t hot? Aren’t at least sort of ok looking? You grow your personality. One aspect of personality is having a sense of humor. I was in the sixth grade when I realized I had a gift. I was sitting in class when the teacher asked a question. Without thinking I raised my hand and said something sarcastic and slightly cynical. That’s when a star was born.

I didn’t have much luck with the ladies in school (I have even less luck now). I was relieved to find out I had a sense of humor. I was blessed with my shrekness (or my non jewish jonah hill look likeness) in middle school. It was because of this I knew I had to use what I thought was my best attribute: my humor. And it did work somewhat. I wouldn’t say I was overly popular (I am still bothered by not being elected class clown) but enough people found me humorous enough that I’d say I was middle ground popular.

But how does this relate to women? Well you see, women have always been this unobtainable thing for me. Kind of like my Noah’s ark or my Holy Grail. I have had the pleasure of some girls finding me somewhat ok enough to hang out with. They really enjoyed my humor. But guess what? That’s all I was wanted for. My humor was a blessing and a curse. The blessing was that I found something that I felt I was good at and made me feel somewhat ok about myself. The curse was that because of my humor and personality, I would forever be put into the friend only category. That dreaded zone full of nerdy glasses wearing men and butchish short haired women. My combination of hilarity and being actually nice works against me.

So why do funny guys sometimes stop being as funny? Reason number one is because it almost always automatically puts us into a category of which there is no escape.


2. The need to sometimes be taken seriously.

This is the other major reason why guys don’t want to always be known as the funny guy. Everyone wants to be taken seriously on some things. I use my humor a lot of the times to make points or observations (if you’re a loyal reader of this blog then you know this already). I had noticed that while people did enjoy my company, most did not even care to know what I thought about things. Most people just assumed I didn’t have an opinion on things that were on a deeper level. While I understand making jokes can give off that stigma, I like to think that if you have the ability you can make jokes that are deep and multi-layered.

My brand of humor can turn off some people. I get that. I accept that. Not everyone thinks the same way I do, and for that we should all be grateful. But just because I make jokes doesn’t mean that I do not have opinions. Actually, a select few people know that I can be quite deep in my thoughts. I do admit that I do purposely keep some aspects of that away from people, it is also the already made up minds of others who only see the surface of what I have to offer, and they don’t really feel like there is anything else there. I myself do the same thing with other people. But this blog post is to try to help you to understand why sometimes funny guys just don’t feel like being funny.

3. I’m going to end this third reason with a quote. Before I do, let me point out that I do enjoy making people laugh. Even though I have never done hard drugs (surprising I know), to me there is nothing that gives you a bigger high then when you are just rolling out jokes and people are responding with laughter. But, my humor is only a small aspect of me. Sometimes it overpowers everything else I am. I get that. I’m overly humorous. My wit is quick and sharp like a cheetah holding katana swords. If you ever wonder why a guy just stops being funny, there’s a good chance he hasn’t really stopped. He just feels like he’s being pigeon holed into a category. Besides, we know amazing humor gets you all the ladies…oh wait….

The award winning documentary Animal House said it best and I will end this post with this quote.

“fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.”