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Let me start off by saying that my comedic genius knows no bounds. I sent in three jokes to the Candy and Potter show on 107.9 the Link (radio station) for a game they play where you fill in the jokes. All three of mine were read on the air. That’s right. The radio is now recognizing that I am comedy gold. To top it off, I received a call from the station today telling me that I had won the prize. What is it? Heck if I know. Probably some stickers or something. That is not the point. The point is that comedy is my mistress (which is good since no actual woman wants to do anything with me at all that remotely resembles a date). I took comedy to the prom and danced with it. I married comedy and now comedy is pregnant with little half comedy half Johnny babies.

So in this spirit of good joy, I decided that I would focus on the things I am good at instead of the things I am not. Please, hold your applause.

1. Comedy. This is a given. Heck I won a prize. Why am I this funny? Was it cause I was so awkward growing up? Was it so people would like me and not pick on me? Was it to make up for my rugged horrendous appearance? Yes to all.

2. Writing. Writing is a passion of mine. While I’m writing I get into this trance of seduction. I hope that writing will take me on a date and then take me home and walk me to my front door and go in for the sweet goodnight kiss. Am I the best writer ever? No. Am I even remotely talented? No. am I getting tired of asking and answering my own questions? No.

3. Hmmm. I really should of thought this out more. I figured I could think of more than two things…. And really some people don’t find me that humorous. Or that great of a writer. Or a human being.

*the author realizes that this blog post may come off as a plea for pity. The author wishes to inform you that this is indeed the case. The author knows that he would not even be in this sad state of his life if it weren’t for sweet justified pity. The author wants to take this moment to thank pity, for without pity the author recognizes that he never would of even have had the girlfriends he has had, no matter how small that number might be.*

Well there you have it I guess. I figured I would leave you with another actual picture of myself so you can see the passion I have when it comes to comedy. You will be able to see this passion. You will be able to witness that passion in my veins! This is the face of passion!