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A few days ago, Jesse Jackson did something that brought me to a realization. While talking about Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson said that he would “cut his n_ts out.” While most jumped on it as an attack on a presidential candidate, I got something else out of it. Jesse Jackson, a reverend, said a word that some consider crude. What this means is that the bag is open. I can now say words that refer to the cr_tch region. What are some other sayings that are now considered ok to say? I have listed them below.

“I will kick you in the n_ts.”

“France doesn‘t have any b_lls.”

“I think something is wrong with my t_sticles.”

So thank you Rev. Jackson. You have opened up a new chapter of what is now acceptable language. Thanks to you, I can now use different words that refer to my man n_ggets. It’s good to know that I’ll never go wrong if I use people like Jesse Jackson as my role model.