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How can one be happy when things are looking dim financially? Here are some simple things that will do just that.

1. Make a lot of money somehow.

2. Make more money after doing that.

3. Once money is made, then make even more money.

4. Find something you are good at. Then use that to make money.



Six People who deserve to be kicked in the face

1. Mariah Carey: if only to shut her up.

2. Nicholas Cage: His lack of facial expressions alone deserve this.

3. Paris Hilton: even though she has fallen off the radar a bit, she still deserves it for pretending she had talent.

4. Toby Keith: Do I even need to explain this one?

5. Rolling Stone Magazine political writers: I don’t really know their names even though I get the magazine. The reason being I don’t care. Please give me you’re review of the next Bright Eyes album, but forgive me if I wish to not read about how much you’d enjoy licking the ground that Barack Obama walked on and on how old and terrible John McCain is. And why do I not care? Because it’s only a matter of time before the Rolling Stone magazine thinks it’s bigger then what it is and can think it’s something more than an entertainment magazine. Oh wait…

6. PETA members: Do they not realize how great chickens taste?




Things that show the author of the blog was running out of ideas

1. You can sense the boredom in his words.

2. He makes a blog post with stupid lists.

3. He mentions that he makes a blog with stupid lists twice in a list.



While I do recognize that this blog post was completely stupid, I also will point out that without your vote I will become nothing more than a guy who cradles himself and wishes he just had someone to spoon with.  Okay so I’m already that, but still the point is vote for this post over at

Not only will be you saying that you love me, but you’ll also be saying that even when I post a blog that is complete crap that you will support it.  And that, my friends, is true loyalty.