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A recent survey from Duke University showed that most Americans are more likely to purchase a product when it’s priced cheaper.  Many retail chains were suprised by this result.  Jefferey Tanner, lead manager at a local Best Buy, said “I am completely suprised by this!  This may change the way retail stores do business.”   The lead scientist from Duke University, Sam Cisco, stated that while he was also completely caught off guard with the outcome of the results, he would still get paid thousands of dollars that could of went to research diseases.  “I am surprised by the results of our survey.  But I’ll still get my benjamins.”  said the scientist.

The results of the survey showed that 99% of the people polled said they were more likely to buy something when it was priced cheaper.  The other 1% surveyed were dead.

This store was one of many stores to be completely caught off guard by people wanting to buy things at cheaper prices.